Welcome to my honest Instant Payday Network Review

Before we get started I just want to make one thing crystal clear, this review will include the good the bad and of course even a little ugly about the IPN system.

I hope you weren’t expecting me to coat this review and blow a bunch of smoke up your butt were you..

Not the way I roll, I’ll let all of the other wanna be marketers out their fill their sites with all that hype and bullsh*t

Here is the way I roll, Lets get to this review already.

instant payday network review - Instant Pay Day Network Jeff Buchanan Honest Review


I came across the Instant Payday Network System back in February 2013 when I was watching my man King Human on , (not something he was recommending, but came up in the related videos section).

I remember watching that video by and as I listened to what he had to say I quickly thought to myself that this was something that was worth looking into.

That is exactly what I did and within a few hours I had signed up and completed the first 2 steps of the program and was navigating my way through the back-office.

I guess before I get to far into this review I should stop for a few minutes and explain exactly what the system is and explain the process.

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How Instant Payday Network Works

Instant Payday Network is  4 step system:

  1. Step 1 – Sign-up for Express.MyCashFreebies and complete trial offers for companies willing to pay for you for referring people to try their products. You will get paid $20 every time you refer someone to the site and they complete the required number of trial offers.
  2. Step 2 – Sign up for Double.MyCashFreebies and complete trial offers for companies willing to pay you for referring people to try their products. You will get paid $30 every time you refer someone to the site and they complete the required number of trial offers.
  3. Once you have completed steps 1 and steps 2 you will use your personal referral numbers you received in the previous steps to access the Instant Payday Network back office and free system.
  4. Sign up for Empower Network, this step is completely optional and has nothing to do with Instant Payday Network, I would say it really is a simple system, you must first complete steps 1 and 2 yourself before you can start marketing the instant payday network system to other people and making money.

Once you have completed steps 1, 2 and received access to the instant payday network back office, all you do is drive traffic from any source you would like to your free Instant Payday Network (lead capture page where people insert name and ).

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Once a lead enters their name and , the Instant Payday System email auto-responder takes over and does all of the work for you.

The built in free auto-responder will then send your new lead an email instantly after opting in, then send 6 more emails over the next 10 days, all emails will explain the program and encourage them to proceed to step 1 and get started.

It is like you are teaming with up with Jeff Buchanan through Instant Payday Network and he is working to help you make money by promoting your business in his emails.

You will then get paid if one of your leads decides to sign up and starts completing trial offers on the my cash freebies sites. (note – you will only get paid if one of the people you refer completes the 1.0 credit requirement for that site)

Once your lead has completed steps 1 and steps 2, they are now eligible to sign up for access to the Instant Payday Network system and can start marketing the system just like you and making money.

Step 4 is optional and involves your lead signing up for Empower Network, I will not get into EN in this review as it has nothing to do with the Instant Payday Network  and would be confusing to talk about 2 different products in one review.

I will cover Empower Network in a separate post, for now it is something that I would only recommend signing up for once you have money coming in from IPN and can afford the $45 a month in recurring fees to be a member of EN.

That is pretty much the Instant Payday Network system overview, now lets get into the pros and cons of the system, then I will give you my recommendations for the system.

instant payday network proof - Instant Pay Day Network Jeff Buchanan Honest Review

 Instant Payday Network: The Good

There are many things that I really like about the Instant Payday Network system:

  • You can begin making money on day one
  • Very beginner friendly and provides a lot of free training to get you started
  • If you earn a commission, you get paid same day!!
  • Is a great system to get started in making money online, shows you how a basic sales funnel works
  • Includes free templates, email auto-responder,  stats tracking, and training, everything you need to get started and make some serious money.
  • Top earners are making over $10,000 per month, not typical though, my average per month is between $750 and $1,000, check out my income proof below.
  • There are some people who offer an insane Instant Payday Network Bonus

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Instant Payday Network: The Bad

  • Instant Payday Network is advertised as a 100% free system, while there are offers that you could do to make the program free, the odds are it will costs you between $8 -$20 to get started, luckily I offer a $20 bonus to anyone who signs up under my referral link and completes step 1 and 2.
  • The main marketing method taught in the Instant Payday Network training area is on , while this is ok to do, will ghost most offers like this and you may experience difficulty in posting your ads, luckily I not only show you how to post on but also show you many additional traffic sources to use.
  • There are many people who are marketing Instant Payday Network so getting your ad in front of potential leads can be very competitive, I will show you how to get in front of highly targeted leads each and every day for free and beat the competition.

Instant Payday Network: The Ugly

The make money online arena has been given a bad name by many people who are only out to scam people out of their hard earned money.

There are millions of people who turn to the to get more information on making additional money online each and every day, many of them have heard horror stories of people getting swindled out of money by crooks and con artists who make a living stealing from others.

Luckily Instant Payday Network is not a scam and will never attempt to steal your money or sell your private information to anyone else, but you will have people with a great deal of doubt because the Instant Payday Network system is one of those “looks to go to be true deals”

Instant Payday Network Review - Instant Pay Day Network Jeff Buchanan Honest Review


That is pretty much it for my Instant Payday Network Review, I hope that you found this to be useful in making your decision on whether or not to join Instant Payday Network.

I am glad I did because I have been a member of Instant Payday Network since Februrary and this system has been a great additional revenue stream for my online business.

Now in saying that let me also say this, the IPN system is not for everyone, there are a lot of things I do not like about the system but I do believe that someone who is just getting started in online marketing will be able to quickly generate leads, sales and commissions with minimal effort.

Here at my site review InstantPaydayNetwork.Com you will find complete training on how to get the most out of your IPN business, my killer bonus offer, my income proof and so much more.

So take a look around and see all  I have to offer you if you decide to join under me and please do not hesitate to ask any questions that you have about Instant Payday Network …

Thanks again for stopping by and if you found this review useful, please be sure to use the buttons below to share it with your friends on your sites…

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