If you’re looking for a review of the Simple Swing System written & published by Nevogt, then chances are you an HONEST, unbiased, from someone who has actually read the guide.

I’ve seen a lot of people short, to try and sell you something. Well, even though I am affiliated with the program, I also own it and have used it myself, so I am writing this review from that perspective.

My goal is to give you an , pointing out both the pros and cons of this product, and let you make your own decision as to whether or not this system is right for you.

***You can of course just skip my review and buy your copy HERE.***

I’m not some professional writer trying to give you a winning review, but simply a guy who has used the system, seen how it works, and wants to share about the guide with others because I think it will be helpful to high-handicappers, mid-handicappers, and even who are trying to improve their games.

What is the Simple Golf Swing System?

Before we get into the pros and cons of this product, I want to make sure you have a clear understanding of what the product is, and then below we will discuss the benefits of the product and what it actually does. I’m not going to go into who really is, because if you are you don’t really care, you just want to know what the heck this product is, and how it can improve your .

The Simple Golf Swing system is broken down into 5 steps. Each step is explained in detail (with pictures) so that you can see exactly what the author is talking about. Nothing ticks me off more than when I’m reading a book where the author is clearly trying to portray something visual, yet fails to include any images (sorry for the rant…).

David has done an excellent job in his guide of including detailed images that make comprehending and executing the Simple Golf Swing an absolute no-brainer. In fact, you can clearly tell that some of the pictures are “in motion,” are are taken from pretty much every conceivable angle (face on, down the line, from above, etc.).



However, it is important to note that just like “traditional” , David strongly encourages you to build your swing on a solid foundation, which includes the correct stance, grip, alignment, and ball position (although these are not part of the “5 steps” I mentioned above). Mr. Nevogt goes into detail on each one of these issues, and gives complete solutions, while leaving nothing open to interpretation. It really is a simple, effective way of teaching golfers of all ability levels how to swing the .

I wish I could say more, but David worked hard on putting this guide together and has helped thousands of golfers who have paid for this information, so giving it to you for free just wouldn’t be fair (and I would probably be in hot water also!).

My about the Simple Golf Swing

There are a lot of things I really liked about this book, and a few things that I didn’t particularly care for. All in all however, I think it is a very good , and worth the price of admission. If you want to skip the details below and go ahead and order your copy, and you can do so by clicking here.

Ok, now after that shameless plug here are my top 5 favorite things about this product:

1. It really is simple. Ok, don’t hit the X at the top of your screen just yet, I’m going to provide more details on this one. What I mean by the fact that it is simple is that David’s of the golf swing eliminates any excess movement, thus keeping you more centered & connected throughout the . Whether you are putting together a business proposal, tackling fairies, or trying to improve your golf swing, the less moving parts you have to sort out, the better off you are going to be. Keep it simple…stupid.

2. It works for all levels of golfers. It really doesn’t matter if you are a lower like I am (currently about a 2.5), or a higher- golfer, this system will simplify the process, and get you on your way to shooting lower scores. In fact, I would venture a guess to say that the golfers who will benefit most from this product are those that are in the .

3. You don’t need a weird looking (and thus won’t look like a dumbass on the driving range). This system works with what you already have…your clubs & your body. You don’t need a fancy to make this work…you simply download the book instantly (even it it is 3 A.M.), and get going.

4. The golf swing he teaches actually closely resembles one of my favorite players on the , and I wonder if he did not use this same method to rebuild his golf swing. I have no proof of this of course, but the similarities between this player’s swing and the Simple Golf Swing system are striking.

5. You don’t have to practice, practice, practice. Of course the more you practice the correct fundamentals of this system, the better results you are going to get, however, this is not a change to make that will take you months to figure out. Practice in front of the mirror, maybe hit a bucket of balls and you will be ready to go…again, it is simple.

Now for the Cons…

I don’t know if there is a on planet earth that is perfect, but I figured in the name of full disclosure & transparency I need to include a few issues I felt that could have been better handled, and therefore could have made this a (again, this is a great product, but the following issues are just my opinion of what could have been addressed to make it even better).

1. You are likely to be shunned by your . Seriously, this method is quite different than the , especially with regards to the and swing plane. Honestly, this method makes more sense than the “mainstream” instruction philosophies on these issues, but just know they are different…However, your golf swing will still look great and I’m confident you will be hitting .

2. It is a (only 32 pages). This really isn’t a con (it is supposed to be simple after all), but I can see where some golfers would buy this and expect it to be a 200 . Listen, you aren’t paying for the length of the information, you are paying for the value that it delivers and how it can improve your golf game. I don’t personally consider this a negative issue, but felt it was worth pointing out.

3. The Simple Golf Swing is not meant for those who like to tinker with their golf swing, or who are obsessed with the process. The analytical-minded people may find it to be “overly simple” and thus conclude that it cannot possibly work. All I can say to you is give it a try…

What Should You do Now?

You’ve read my comprehensive, unbiased Simple , and now probably have a as to whether or not this product is a fit for you, and your philosophy on the game of golf. I personally feel that just the mental & of golf are hard enough, so if you have the opportunity to simplify your golf swing and lower your scores by 7 strokes in 2 weeks for less than the price of an average round of golf, I say go for it!

Ultimately the decision is up to you, but if you do decide to order I would appreciate you ordering through the link below, because I will get a small commission that will enable me to keep writing articles like this, and provide valuable information to the golfing community. I write about golf & because I love doing it, not because I’m paid to do so:)

So, if you want to piss your friends off by going from shooting 95 to 85 in the next month, then go ahead and get your copy of the Simple Golf Swing system by David Nevogt.

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