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Easily Dominate Google’s First with Your Sites – a Magic Submitter

The main idea behind a website (or a niche for that matter) is to increase your online presence. To benefit from the online presence, your site(s) needs traffic. Organic traffic is the cheapest and most targeted form of traffic. Question is – how can you leverage organic traffic? In this magic submitter review, I’ll how you can easily take of organic traffic by dominating Google’s first page of results.

What Is Magic Submitter?

For those who don’t know, MS is state of the art software that pushes your site to the top of Google, sends you qualified traffic, and can get you more customers – all on .

Make sure you get your of this backlink software (you get to try the backlink tool at $4. for the 1st month and $ each month after).

Using MS to Dominate Google’s First Page of Search Results

Google is the largest search in the world. “Google internet record with 25% of US traffic,” a recent study shows. Taking advantage of this traffic would mean one thing – receiving targeted and to your website.

Whether you run an authority site or a number of niche sites, use of backlink software like MS will definitely help your site(s) to Google’s first page. Google’s first page is the only search engine results page that counts if you ask me.

Google loves backlinked websites. That’s a fact. In the eyes of Google, a website that others are linking to is an authority site, and thus deserves a in SERPs. To take advantage of Google’s love for linked websites, you need to create to your website.

Now this is where Magic Submitter comes in handy!

The software helps you automatically create thousands of quality and diverse backlinks from thousands of places . That’s right; with only a few on MS, you are able to create quality automatically.

With the backlinks, Google will fall in love with your site and push it to the first page of search results. I’m sure this sounds great. Of course, it is.


What Will This Backlink Tool Do For You?

With this time- and proven software’s features, you are able to the following:

  1. Automatic accounts creation and verification – the software is capable of automatically creating and verifying accounts. Remember, you need accounts to submit content to online services. This feature saves you a lot of time.
  2. Submissions spinning – to make your submissions 100 percent original, the tool you spin your submissions. You can easily integrate your favorite spinner or software.
  3. Automatic submission – with MS, you are able to submit your content to 2000 sites plus automatically. Additionally, you are able to your own custom sites.

Addition of custom sites is highly recommended. You can easily add hundreds of additional sites with just a few clicks.

  1. Automatic captcha solving – MS lets you integrate your favorite captcha solving service thus allowing you to solve captcha verifications automatically.
  2. Automatic of campaigns – to make link look natural to Google, the software lets you schedule your campaigns. The software’s powerful scheduler is a great feature to help you stay under Google’s radar.
  3. Automatic capturing, organizing, pinging, bookmarking and spinning of links – after your links have been created, the software lets you capture and organize them appropriately. Also, you are able to ping the links created automatically. Pinging helps you get the links indexed quickly.
  4. Creation of professional reports – for SEO professionals, you are able to create professional reports for your clients. Reports are necessary to show progress.

The above are only some of the things you are able to do with your copy of magic submitter.

What Do You Get To Enjoy After This State Of The Art Backlink Software?

The following are some of the great features and facilities you’ll enjoy after grabbing your copy of the backlink software.

–       Magic submitterYou receive the software that allows you to syndicate and create 1000’s backlinks to your website – all on autopilot. This is the vehicle to take your site(s) to Google’s first page of results.

–       A free forum – You get to engage in the software’s interactive forums. At the forum, you meet some of the world’s talented and successful internet marketers – who possess firsthand experience with the software. Also, you’ll get to learn what works and what doesn’t right from the forum.

–       FREE Software Updates – After grabbing your copy of the backlink tool, you are entitled to free updates. To make sure the software is state of the art, the developer provides you with features, updates and services as they become available.

–       Free desk – To ensure you leverage the power of MS, there is a customer support desk ready to answer your .

In addition to the customer support desk, you can contact Alex, the developer, directly via Skype. If the need arises, Alex can sort out your issues via team viewer. He is a dedicated guy.

–       Live coaching – As if the support desk and the forum were not enough, the customer care team holds a free live-coaching every month. The call is meant to address any issues you may be having and give you updates on how to dominate your niche.

–       Training – Once you have your copy of MS, you gain access to all the training videos – new and archived. The videos cover everything you need to know from using MS to setting up effective backlink campaigns.


With the above magic submitter review, you should have a clear picture as to how the backlink software will help you take your site(s) to Google’s first page of results. Remember, you get to try the backlink tool at $4.95 for the 1st month and $67 each month after.

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