: 0/04/2021

Bring The Fresh – Is Felix’s legit?


A current in-depth review of Bring The program.

Bring The Fresh, Can you really make a great using this program or is it just a scam! Read my review for an honest answer.

Name:  Bring the Fresh
Website:  www.bringthefresh.com
: $7 trial, $89 for lifetime
Owner: Kelly Felix
Overall Rank: 7/10
Bring The Fresh: Legit


What Is Bring The Fresh?

Bring The fresh has been around for some time now and has gone through a few transformations. In 2013 the partnership between Long and Kelly Felix dissolved leaving only Kelly Felix at the helm. Kelly Felix has changed Bring The Fresh from a monthly based membership to a lifetime membership. The lifetime membership was a great marketing move, lowering the price perception of the overall of the program. The actual reality is, there are many more up sell components of the program that drastically add cost to using the Bring The Fresh Program. You really need to peel back the layers to actually see what starting an online the “Bring The Fresh way” will cost you!

Bring The Fresh is a website based program,  complemented with Internet Marketing training that allows newbies an opportunity to start an online business with very limited skills. The program boasts the that very limited computer skills or marketing is necessary to make money using the Bring The Fresh program. Kelly Felix is focused on content at Bring The Fresh current and up to date, staying in rhythm with Google’s every move.

What Is The True Cost Of Bring The Fresh?

 As it states on Bring the Fresh sales page they offer a $7 trial period, ” not a trial“. Once you have made the decision to try Bring The Fresh, you are prompted to buy a lifetime membership for the cost of $89. I know the $89 price tag seems low for an opportunity to start an online business, and it is!  I found this to be a little misleading. You should be prepared for quite a few up . The $89 lifetime offer gets you through the door with what I would consider to be the minimum  to get your feet wet! The lifetime membership doesn’t include components such as website hosting that is a monthly expense that can add up .


to join exclusive and private clubs access as well as access to Kelly Felix’s ” Project Profits” come fast and furious.  There are many other additional services that you will need to pay for such as website hosting, keyword and many more components that are to  with the Bring The Fresh Program. My #1 recommended program includes everything that you will need to start and  operate a   online business at a very low monthly fee with absolutely no up sells!

For the lack of up front transparency in regards to what the actual cost associated with generating income from Bring The Fresh,  I can only Kelly Felix’s program 7/10.

What support can I expect From Bring The Fresh?

The main support with in Bring The Fresh comes from the ,  while the back up support comes from a forum of 9,000 strong.  Just a note on the support desk! while the support desk offers quality , it is a very slow process.  You will find that the fastest get answers to your questions is to access the forum.  Kelly Felix and his staff make  frequent appearances in the forum to help answer members questions and provide some valuable guidance when needed.

: 7/10


Bring The Fresh Training

Bring The Fresh Offers a starter Guide that comes in the of a 50 page pdf ebook, video version of the Bring The Fresh starter guide is also available.

A website building is provided and all the training needed to get you up and running.

Webinars are regularly used to enhance your knowledge of  disciplines associated with Internet Marketing.

Bring The Fresh offers the usual tools such as, link builders, content spinners, and .

Training at Bring The Fresh is really dependent on how much you are willing to pay to access the best training that Bring The Fresh has to offer!  If your willing to fork out the dough you can buy your way into the  private or and access all the bells and whistles that Bring The Fresh  has to Offer. Unfortunately up and holding back on training to squeeze more money out of you isn’t just a Bring The Fresh trait. You will find that many “make money online” training programs like to get you through the door at a low cost,  then bombard you will add ons.

Training/ Rank: 7/10

My Take On Bring The Fresh

Bring The Fresh is one of the more creditable online business programs on the . Course material is current and is relevant to starting an online business . The main back that I see with Bring The Fresh is the cost of the program. There are many costs associated with getting to a stage where you could actually start an income. Cost of website hosting and other important tools and training needed to generate income can really start to add up.  You could end up paying quite a substantial amount of money a in add ons by the time the smoke clears.

If  value for your dollar is a concern , then check out my #1 recommended program. This program offers the most current ,  combined with one on one support,  and a forum that dwarfs   9,000,  with absolutely no up selling!

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