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internet jetset

Hey and Welcome to my Internet Jetset review which is a product by a successful Internet Marketer John Crestani. John has been featured in several publications like Clickbank and Forbes. More of that in a few…

Let’s Now Begin…

Name: Internet Jetset/ImJetset

Website: imjetset.com

Owner:John Crestani

Price: $47 paid Monthly


Verdict: RECOMENDED[Reasons why Below]

Internet Jetset

What you’ll in the Course:

  • How John got Fired and built a $0k a Month Business
  • How to Use Free premium traffic to generate sales
  • How to Choose Keywords and to your site
  • The secret to Facebook Traffic, Virality and Engagement
  • How to set up your WordPress Site the right way
  • basics- Unconsciously force to buy from you
  • Launch jerking – Taking advantage of Launches for Big Bucks
  • Authority Review Sites: Learn how to have an authority site like this one
  • Facebook specific for Affiliate Marketers

Who is John Crestani?

internet jetset

There is so much information on the web John because of his prowess in internet .

Apart from Internet Jetset, John Crestani also owns the in the Make niche.

It doesn’t end there…

He also owns a Nutryst a nutritional affiliate .

I have linked to several so that you have a look:

What youll learn in the course:

By now, you probably know that John Crestani is someone who you can trust with your hard earned money!

Internet Jetset

Internet Jetset

Internet Jetset is a step-by-step affiliate marketing training by John Crestani that teaches you how online.

Internet Jetset
Written by: Tony Omary
Published: 11/0/2017
It starts from choosing a niche, setting up a WordPress site, Creating landing pages, different ways of driving traffic paid advertising, Making your first sale and scaling from $100 to $10,000/month business
4.7 / 5 stars

What is Internet Jetset?

Internet Jetset is a step-by-step affiliate marketing course that teaches you how to build a profitable online business through affiliate marketing.

You’ll get over the shoulder training(most from John) and real-life examples. From Choosing a niche, setting up a WordPress Site, Driving traffic to your site and making your first sale online.

Pretty . Right?

Internet Jetset Pros Vs Cons


  • Easy to step by step training on affiliate marketing
  • You are learning from an already successful affiliate
  • Simple (dashboard)
  • The membership Fee($47) is affordable
  • Friendly
  • There are Updated Live webinars
  • You’ll learn how to use the tools that John uses
  • There is a members forum where you can get support from other members
  • John himself appears in most of the training
  • The bonus materials are awesome
  • You can also get support From the Facebook Private Group


  • This is not a get-rich-quick scheme
  • The webinar is too Flashy giving you an impression that making money online is super easy
  • It takes some to be a master in affiliate marketing
  • All the tools are paid
  • You may get information overload if you don’t move at your own pace

Internet Jetset

The Core Course

Internet Jetset

Internet Jetset Core Training

The main Course Consists of 12 modules that ensure that you are moving in the right from day 1!

Here is the Breakdown of the modules:

1. The Online Business : This is the introduction of the main training where Johns gives you the blueprint of becoming a successful Online Business Entrepreneur. From getting traffic, selling products and automating your entire Business

2. Introduction to the Internet Jetset: In this module, you’ll get the mindset that you can online. It will give you of why people fail, how to defeat Shiny Object Syndrome and strengthening your mindset to your past failures

3. Choosing Your Niche: Both and text training. John shares his story and gives examples of the niches that you can choose from. He also recommends affiliate programs that you can be involved in the niche that you’ll choose to range from low, medium and high commissions.

4. Google: Focuses on how to get FREE traffic from Google. He gives examples of niche review sites like Gold, Online Dating, relationship, Skin care and much more.(Hint: This is my main and favorite source of traffic)

5. When in comes to Video, John has plenty with thousands of views. This Module covers everything you to know about YouTube Traffic. Period! From how to upload a video, Creating a Catchy Custom thumbnail for high CTR, video descriptions that sell, a guideline to make sure that all your are relevant to your audience and so much more.

6. FaceBook: Getting traffic from Facebook is easy. Getting traffic from Facebook is Hard. John shares his personal experience and explains the basics of creating a page and inviting friends and why is important in facebook marketing.

7. Your Website: There is so much information in this module. As you probably know, your website is like a skyscraper that appreciates with time. So, the foundation MUST be very Strong. Below is what is covered:

  • Installing a WordPress Theme – What to look for? Reviews or responsiveness of the theme
  • Initial Customization – How to customize, several ways to do the same thing, how to activate a plugin
  • House Keeping – a cleans site load fast. Learn how to delete and Updates a theme or plugin
  • Posts and pages -Location of post and pages, what’s the between post and pages.
  • About me page – Important information in about me page
  • Writing a blog post – Includes: Editing visibility, Scheduling a post, formatting, categories, subcategories, tags and setting a featured image.
  • Definitions – Get used to the commonly used buttons like plugins, comments, Editor, Appearance etc
  • Plugins – Installing and activating a plugin, installing a page plugin.
  • Widgets – Adding/ deleting a widget.
  • Aweber Email – Sign up with Aweber and set your first opt-in form
  • Facebook page set up – Basic requirements
  • Adding a pop over for collecting emails
  • Adding social icons to your website for easier sharing 

8. Copywriting basics:  copywriting from Ronnie Sandlin who is a student of John and makes up to 6 figures. Discover the secret to the most influential and profitable copies

9. Launch Jerking: Many people are taking advantage of this technique to get big Bucks during launches. Don’t be left out.

10. Authority Review Sites: Learn how to choose a profitable affiliate offer and how to generate passive income through the same.

11. Facebook ads for Affiliates:  ads and make your first sale via Facebook.

Internet Jetset