Insider Secrets to Cheap Flights has been developed by Henry Rustkirk, who worked in the travel industry himself. He was unfairly dismissed and, in a sort of revenge move, has made it his mission to make sure people know how they can get flights for the price they are truly worth, rather than the price they are quoted. He has made it his mission to whistle blow, letting out all of the secrets to help people get cheap flights, regardless of when or where they are flying to and from.

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What Is Insider Secrets to Cheap Flights Offers

According to Rustkirk, the guide will show you all of the insider secrets you need to know in order to use the reservation system of different airlines to your advantage. Because he has this insider knowledge, he can help everyday people notice a real difference on how much they pay for their flights. Best of all, he promises that the techniques and secrets he offers work on any airline, anywhere in the world.

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Insider Secrets to Cheap Flights – What You Get

The package is completely digital, meaning you can download it as soon as your payment has gone through. There are regular special offers, and you currently receive four bonuses when you sign up. These are insider secrets to cheap:

  • Car rentals
  • Hotel reservations

You will also get a guide to airport security, as well as lifetime updates on each of the guides. Plus, the package comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose.

It all sounds pretty amazing, but is it, or is it just something that you can work out for yourself without wasting your money on yet another online product? We took the plunge for you and bought it, and here is what we found.

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Our Review

We know that air travel is hugely expensive and we know that if there is a way to save money on these fares, and we would be happy to know about it. So, if we do actually receive insider secrets on any type of travel, it seems that we would receive a very quick return on investment. We all know that we are getting ripped off by travel agencies.

We were planning a vacation and wanted to make sure that this time, we would actually have some spending money left to take with us. So, we purchase the Insider Secrets guide and received all our bonuses. These products taught us the basics about what it takes to book a cheap flight, it showed us what sort of scams are out there and it told us the secrets of how to save money. We won’t give the secrets away here – that would be cheating – but let’s just say we were very pleased with what we learned.

The information was incredibly valuable, and we were able to book a family vacation that would usually be well above our budget. We had our pick of airlines now that we understood what sort of mistakes they make. We used the system of “drop off flying” to our advantage, and we manipulated their airline’s own pricing schemes so we could save big. Naturally, we also used the cheap car rentals and hotel reservations guide to save even more, and the guide to airport security meant we could breeze through security without any problems.

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How Does the Insider Secrets to Cheap Flights Actually Work?

The Insider Secrets to Cheap Flights is very cleverly designed. It is everything we would expect from someone who has worked in the industry and wants to spill the beans about what really goes on in there. He has covered all the knowledge you need and there is no more need for you to think a nice vacation is forever out of your reach. There are loads of topics covered within the program, each more interesting than the last. Rustkirk explains:

 The best ways to buy a ticket

When you should buy a ticket (this is very specific and makes a huge difference)

  • How to recognize real travel agent deals
  • How to make sure you can get your money back if you don’t fly, even if your ticket was non-refundable
  • How to stop standing in lines all the time
  • When you should book different types of travel
  • How to make sure you don’t pay taxes you shouldn’t have to pay
  • How to travel with your kids
  • How to get a discounted fare if you travel for bereavement
  • And more!

What We Like

  • You can save tons of money
  • You no longer have to go through all the hassle of traveling
  • You know all you need to know to make sure that when you negotiate with airlines, you have a heads up on them, rather than the other way around.

What We Don’t Like

  • There are quite a few tips in there that you should already be aware of if you are a frequent flier. However, we’re not all frequent flyers, so it is likely that there is plenty of brand new knowledge in there for you.
  • In order to get the best deal, you may still have to do some comparison shopping. However, it is likely that you would do this anyway, so you are just making sure that the comparison really works for you this time.

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The Verdict

Without actually giving the secrets away, we have tried to show you why the Insider Secrets to Cheap Flights is definitely worth your while. There are even ways in there that show you how to travel for free on international flights. This doesn’t mean that you can get all flights for free, of course, but this guide will certainly show you how to save a whole lot of money. The added bonuses of the various guides will make your entire travel experience even cheaper and more relaxing. If you are planning a vacation, purchase the Insider Secrets to Cheap Flights first. You are guaranteed to get your money back by the reduction in prices you will notice, and if you don’t, the 60 day money-back guaranteed will cover you.

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