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Over the past 6 , my focus on Twitter has continued to increase.

There are a lot of marketers and big brands that are shifting their focus away from Twitter and I have read many articles that claim that Twitter is dying.

I disagree.

Not only do I believe that Twitter is a great  channel right now and will be into the future, but I have spent a lot of time and investing into to me continue to grow my audience. Now, as other marketers run away from it, I will be able to capture even more of the audience on Twitter.

Below, I will my strategy for getting thousands of every month so that you can be and you can capture more of that audience with very little effort!

Get Thousands of Targeted Twitter Followers

Having a lot of Twitter followers is great, but what is even is when they are actually actively engaged with what you are tweeting. If they are not engaging with your then you are wasting your time.

The “” to marketing on Twitter is targeted following. You want your followers to be interested in what you have to say.

I use two different strategies for finding and building a targeted audience.

  1. Follow who are following someone tweeting similar to what I am going to tweet.
  2. Follow people who are actively engaging on tweets from someone tweeting messages similar to what I am going to tweet.


I have found that anywhere from 10-% of the users that I follow based on the criteria above will follow me back.

If I follow 3,000 people throughout the month, I expect to get about 0 new targeted followers or more.

Using this strategy, I have been able to build multiple followings on Twitter that allows me to reach over a million people a day on Twitter.

Want to know the best part? I’ve helped develop a tool you can use to do this same thing and grow audiences just like mine.

Let me introduce you to…Rewst.


Grow your Twitter Audience with Rewst

You may have heard me about Rewst (“roost”) before. I published an article when it officially launched in May of last year.

Rewst has been drastically updated since then and has some really cool features that will help you grow a targeted Twitter following.

First, let’s take a look at one I’ve been growing for the past few months, @AllRickandMorty.


Not only am I growing using Rewst, but because of targeted they are, I am also already getting quite a bit of engagement.

Here is the engagement on my most recent tweet:


That tweet has had 2 retweets, 120 Likes, and 2 replies. Not bad right?

Rewst makes it really to apply the two following strategies I mentioned above to increase your own following.


We’ve developed a wizard that walks you through the of following and unfollowing to grow and maintain your Twitter audience.

The wizard only takes a few minutes a day to go through and you’ll grow your audience significantly without any concerns for getting your Twitter account suspended (everything we do is within the Twitter Terms of Service).

If you do not want to have to manually follow and unfollow accounts using Rewst, we have a team of virtual assistants you can , through Rewst, to grow your accounts for you! Because this is directly integrated into Rewst, we handle paying the virtual assistants for you and they never get access to your account login information. right?

Rewst also has some very cool engagement tools you can use to help increase the engagement you get from all your new followers. You can tweets, view your tweets, and even recycle content to keep your account active (the #1 for getting followers).

I could type all day about how amazing Rewst is and how proud I am of our team that developed it, but I believe the best way for you to fully understand everything it has to offer is to just try it yourself.blank

Sign up for Rewst using the button above and get a free 1- to start growing your Twitter audience and engagement.

any you have in the comments below or email us.

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