We review Ben Pakulski’s Mi40x training and put it to the test. Does it work or is it just a scam? Pakulski claims this is a new way to build muscle mass in a 4 minute prep workout. We see if the claim is true or false.

Everyone who works out will appreciate the importance of gaining muscle mass in the shortest time possible. A lot of people work out for long hours every day, and for weeks on end.

However, they attain minimal muscle gain, increase in strength, or reduction of . This is because no matter how hard you train, little will be achieved if your techniques are inferior.

Achieving this type of performance is the aim of every effective workout . MI40X is a product designed to solve this problem. This MI40X review gives a breakdown of the product and its features, to show you precisely how it works, and whether it is suited for you.

What is MI40X?

This is a fitness program that was invented by Ben Pakulski, a distinguished and highly experienced IFBB bodybuilder. He comes with top credentials from the world of fitness and bodybuilding.

MI40X is the second product release from Ben Pakulski, after the initial success of the MI40 debut program. The MI40X builds on the successes of the MI40 regime, with cutting edge muscle building techniques.

This is a 6 day per week training program. It is made up of 1-hour training modules, each consisting of between 3 to 8 training techniques. It is designed as daily workout, with one day of the week left for resting. It combines a revolutionary fitness regime with a healthy diet. Healthy supplements are also recommended, to help you gain muscle while burning body fat.
The program utilizes an advanced concept known as Cell Expansion Protocol, or CEP. It was developed after years of study into how human muscle grows and repairs. The whole program is available as a series of e-manuals, audio files, and HD videos.


How does MI40X work?

The program works by putting muscles under a predetermined form of stress during workouts. By doing this, muscle cells are stimulated to activate and produce more nuclei. This increases muscle growth, reduces body fat, and builds strength. This is done through Intra-Set Stretching. This technique is at the core of the Cell Expansion Protocol.

Intra-Set Stretching is a workout system where the muscles being targeted are stretched in between sets. The opposing muscles are at the same time contracted to increase blood flow and migration of muscle repair cells into the target muscles.

CEP explained


CEP is a way of increasing the concentration of nuclei in the muscles. This is important because protein synthesis occurs in the muscle nuclei. This is the process of building muscle. The greater the number of nuclei, the faster the muscle grows.

It therefore makes sense to increase the number of nuclei. CEP achieves this by placing a predetermined type of stress on the muscles. This causes cells known as myo-satelite cells to migrate and attach to damaged muscle cells. They then donate nuclei to allow the muscle to produce protein faster.

This has been shown by scientific research to stimulate muscle cells to produce more nuclei. It also activates nuclei into producing protein, the building blocks of muscle. The muscle grows faster and larger than with normal workouts. Furthermore, they burn body fat as energy for the whole process, effectively turning fat into ripped muscle.

Increased protein synthesis also improves the recovery of muscles after strenuous work outs. The greater the extent of recovery, the harder you can work out without injury and fatigue. Through CEP, your fitness capabilities can be greatly improved for heavier work outs.

What is in the MI40X program?



This fitness program consists of downloadable workout and physical exercise videos. Additionally, there are manuals, checklists, and workbooks on supplements and nutrition. The whole program can be downloaded in HD video and PDF files. These are:

•Exercise Implementation Guide: These are PDF files with hyperlinks to each segment of the physical exercise regime. They are detailed and to follow. This makes it for you to read them on every device, so that you can also have it with you at the gym.

•7-Day Detox Diet: This is the recommended detox formula to be followed for a week when you begin the program.

Nutrition and Supplements Guides: This is a guide on healthy foods for muscle growth and fitness. A guide into all the healthy supplements you should take is also provided. These need to be followed to achieve the best results from the program.

•7-Day Primer Course: This get you prepared for the whole regimen.

•Workout sheets: These are specially made for beginners, intermediate, and advanced training.

•CEP Application and Training Guides: These guides detail the theory and application methods of CEP. There is also a training blueprint to guide you through proper work out procedures.

•Training videos: These make up hours of HD videos to guide you through all the CEP training techniques.

•FAQ: This is a helpful Q&A guide into all the queries you may have about the program and how to use it.

Who can use MI40X?



This program is designed for use by everyone at the beginners, intermediate or professional level. So whether you are just starting out, or you are an experienced fitness pro, MI40X is made for you. Although more commonly used by men, it is also an important program for women who want to lose weight and have a leaner physique.

The pros of the MI40X program

This program has several advantages. They include:

•It is easily accessible from anywhere in the world. Everything is downloaded over the web once subscription is paid. There is not waiting time, shipment costs, and delays.

•The guides are detailed and easy to follow, without the need for extra coaching or instruction.
•Anyone at every level of fitness can use it.

•It uses natural ways of reducing fat while building muscle.

•It shortens the time required to increase muscle, saving you time and strain at the gym.

•It does not involve pills or other artificial ways of growing muscle, making it a healthy alternative.

The cons of the MI40X program

The MI40X is not without its disadvantages. These are:

•It is not for the faint of heart. A lot of dedication and discipline is required.

•The amount of material you need to master is a lot, and can be intimidating at the beginning. However, they are all well explained and easy to follow.

•It requires daily workouts, and is therefore not a quick fix system for building muscle. This is to be expected from any serious program.

•You cannot modify it to suit your own tastes. Every step has to be followed for success.

The verdict

Should you use the MI40X program? The answer is yes, for one major reason. Building muscle and burning fat is a scientific process that requires healthy and targeted workouts. This is why many people slave away at the gym without much success. MI40X is about perfecting this technique, helping you save hours of back breaking workouts. How you train matters, and as this MI40x review shows, this program masters this principle expertly.

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