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Please Note: The Fancy Fillies System is a system. It makes extensive use of Betting Exchanges.  Betting Exchanges are not legal in some countries and states in the .  Please check if you can legally use a in your own country.

Proven records – testimonials from professional sports reviewers – years of satisfiedcustomers!

EXTRA BONUS – your system comes with a specially designed calculator so that you can see the stake to use each day!

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Well, I did not think this would work as well as it does! Inventive and different, fun also. But the thing is I am making money. Not a great gambler so only trying small amounts to begin with, but I am very pleased with the results.

By all means publish this recommendation, I am happy with this system and thank you.


Just want to thank you for a very successful system. Bought this about a month ago, and almost immediately had 12 wins in a row, amazing. Way up on profits. I see from the records not every month is as successful but what I like is being able to truly see honest records.

And the system has been in profit every year since it .

I am very happy with the Fancy Fillies and thank you for your understanding answering my emails.

Colin Andrews – UK – Scotland


Very glad I did find this page. Been with it since the end of 2012 and yes, some months are a roller coaster, but I know that overall profits are to be made. And that’s what counts, because even in the ‘lean’ months I have confidence in the system – that is very important to me. I have made profits since December 20. Well done Dennis and Hazel. This is without doubt a pearl of a system.

J. Taylor, Lancashire.

Been with this systems for a long . On its behalf because I know it didn’t make as much last year, most systems went under last year. This should be known far and wide – in I believe there was one part of last year and all racing systems were deemed useless and no longer viable. Well the FF still made a profit despite a horrid, horrid year.

For anyone wanting to buy it I think you must consider that in the worst of years THIS SYSTEM STILL MADE A PROFIT OVERALL. That is absolutely the bottom line.


I started right in the middle of the ‘bad’ period. Considering it was one of these hoax runt systems again I almost gave up. But I emailed Dennis and he me it would get better so I stuck at it. I did so I have to say because I’d heard from friends that Dennis and Hazel are honest and have been running successful systems for years. This one was right up my street because I have commitments during the day.

I stuck and I am glad I did. in profit again and looking forward to a better year.


I have found Fancy Fillies to be an exceptional system with steady positive results.
The FF team also  a selection page  – absolutely brilliant if like me you work full time. 5 minutes work is all it takes. (Def worth the price)
I have probably tried 30+ so called profitable systems over the last 5 years, with a failure of around 96%
Thats why I feel the to praise not only this system, but the staking plan fantastic and the from both Hazel and Dennis is outstanding.
I would recommend this system as so far to date within weeks I have made a 200% profit.
My is start small (as I have) to get used to the system, the staking plan and the sites.
Make no mistakes sometimes the system can get a bit “hairy” with it benig a laying system the liability can be quite scary which is why you should start small –  emphasis again on this.
Past results is never a garuantee of future success, however this system and the team continues to work it is the real deal, I cannot applaud it enough nor thank Hazel and Dennis for releasing it.
My Advice to date –
Start small – Stay strong – Be patient -Enjoy success.
Good Luck
Tom Coalbran UK


I enjoy the Fancy fillies so much I will keep on auto pay as it is easier this way due to my work comitments.

Nearly doubled my bank now. Can’t find a bank anywhere that pays an interest rate that big. Keep up the excellent work.

Hazel and Dennis,of course you can use my comments it’s always a pleasure dealing with yourselves. An excellent service that provides excellent advice. You can use any part you wish to. Have a great winning weekend.


I bought the Fancy Fillies system over a week ago and as you rightly suggest I have been paper . Actually I have been waiting for a ‘loss’ day so that I would start trading with real money. I MUST COMPLAIN THAT SINCE I BOUGHT YOUR SYSTEM THERE HAS NOT BEEN A ‘LOSS’ DAY!! In other words the system has worked perfectly! Only joking of course.

But what a brilliant system this is, quick, easy and you even hold our hands for the first three months anyway! Also thanks for being so patient with me, I know I asked a lot of questions before buying but you were always so honest and replied quickly. So I am very pleased with the results! Speak again soon and thanks.

John G.


I have been on the fancy fillies system for more than a year now. I have been using level stakes, and the results at level stakes have been brill. I would like to use the staking plan you suggest now in your book, as I believe this will bring in more profit.


Independent Ezine Article – Ekhert

This is not a fly-by-night system that works for a couple of weeks and then stops – this system has already been running successfully for years – it is tried and tested.

get full explanations on how to work the system to its best abilities
written in a logical, easy to use style by already published authors
no complicated lengthy unworkable descriptions, clear and
The complete Super System Staking Plan

Who we are: The Authors Dr. Dennis Coote and Hazel Reed BHSAI

Dr. Dennis Coote taught Mathematics and English most of his life. He lectured in Education. Over the years testing and trailing different systems he eventually and wrote the FFF Plan, another system created and published.

Hazel Reed has trained and been associated with horses all her life, and is the best selling of the BHS exam text books. She has also trained and worked at racing establishments. It was her knowledge of horses together with Dennis’s knowledge of mathematics that the Fancy Fillies System was developed.

Hi, we just wanted to explain to you how the Fancy Fillies System will fit in with your lifestyle. Over the years being personally with horses and with horse racing, it becomes obvious that there there is a big factor when wanting to succeed with making money from horse racing – and that is – any system HAS to fit in with your lifestyle. So for a professional punter making money from racing full time, it is vital to have a system that can run successfully with other systems in the portfolio.

For other people who may have another it is ESSENTIAL that they can run a system in tune with their employment.

Fancy Fillies System works for everyone – it is a one a day bet, put on in the morning – so professionals run their other systems without having to worry about it – and anyone who goes out to work can put their bet on and it.

We trialled and tested the system a full six months before releasing it on the market. We have an excellent within the racing world for good solid systems and for honesty.

And after all the trialling and developing the system works superbly.
That is not hype – look at the reviews – and recommendations.

At a price of £87.00 plus VAT, this is far more economical than other systems on the market.

The system can be paid for in one day’s betting profit
You have a money back guarantee for 60 days, the risk is ours
You get an already trialled and reviewed system you know works

Just think you can start earning from today….

The one burning question we always get asked is ‘if the system is so successful why write an ebook?’ To that question on its head, if the system was not so successful we would not write the ebook!

Also we are writers having written books on horses, textbooks for the British Horse Society (www.novapublications.com) books on , and that is what we do. We write. We consider it similar to asking Shakespeare (not that we are in his league!) why he wrote his plays and did not stick to acting!

We run the system ourselves so we know they are successful but we also write the ebooks because we love writing.

But it is a valid question. In this industry you do get the idea that there are of systems most of which do not work, some of which work part of the time and then give up! We have tested several systems ourselves, most of which do not come up to scratch. So we watch the races every day and spot the trends, the statistics.

So there is no risk with the money back guarantee and just think getting this system now means……….

You can be earning a good solid second income if you also work part-time or full time

You can give time to your and make a good income as well

Get to a computer and internet, you can even do this on holiday!

You can be making an income, and your at the same time

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Click here to get Fancy Fillies Horse Racing System at discounted price while it’s still available…


All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.
Fancy Fillies Horse Racing System is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.