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I like to sell things. I’ve always had a with customers and have always been told I have the ability to sell myself and my products. I like being able to give people the things they need, or even the things they just want; there’s nothing more satisfying than making someone happy. The problem is that being able to sell things isn’t the same as being able to make . Even after I’d expanded my in-person sales to online selling through eBay, it was honestly tough making ends meet.

I had my doubts when I saw SaleHoo. The of for a year was only $67, but I was still skeptical and wary. Even at that low of a , things were tight enough that I didn’t want to spend it. Even after I clicked through the SaleHoo reviews I wasn’t sure I wanted to go for it. But money was also tight enough that I was desperate. After a lot of deliberation, it was the money back guarantee that won me over. 60 days for me to win or lose with SaleHoo.

I won.


– What You’ll Get

Considering how many promise you money and never deliver, I felt like I’d just hit the lottery with SaleHoo.

I’m so glad I invested my money and two months of my time into this site! I’m from a , and it was impossible for me to find whose products I could pass on– especially in a way I’d actually make money doing it. They also included drop shipping, which truth be told was something I hadn’t considered!

Maybe I was just naive, as, like I’d said I never really got the chance to deal with wholesalers before SaleHoo. But I’d always kind of expected I’d have to handle and ship the products myself. That I’d have to put a lot of time and effort into selling my products like I had done in the past, getting my hands dirty and physically inspecting, boxing, and shipping all the products myself.

Even with the ease of selling that SaleHoo provided, I definitely expected much more actual, . But I was completely the middleman in my sales– in a !

So many products I sold without ever seeing, and while I was at first worried about the quality because of it, I soon learned that I had nothing to fear from going in blind with these companies. I consistently received on products I’d never even seen myself!

Almost overnight I became a Top-Rated seller on eBay.

Of course it wasn’t just by providing that SaleHoo helped me become a Top-Rated seller (though that was a big part of it, no doubt). They also themselves provided assistance around the clock. More than that, people who had already started using SaleHoo’s services were available for advice in the forums.The site and its provided me with as I began my in .

I learned just how ignorant I was at selling, even though I’d always thought and been told I was good at it.

When I thought of eBay I’d always just thought of putting your , hitting upon some , making your description look nice and neat, and waiting for the sales to roll in. I was both a buyer and seller on eBay and it had always seemed that simple.

As it turns out there is far more to making money through eBay. There are all these and tricks to making your business a successful one that I hadn’t even thought of. The sellers on SaleHoo were all so nice and knowledgeable but still managed to make me feel horrible at selling. Fortunately, with their help and instruction, I think I’ve caught up.

If you aren’t sure, you really just have to read like mine. There are hundreds to go through on their website, and you’re sure to find someone in the same position you’re in.

There are sellers who are

  • young and old
  • with families to support and without
  • people who have other jobs and who don’t
  • and men and women who all vouch for SaleHoo’s success.

And let me tell you something: they’re all right to do so. And even if you’re like me and all these SaleHoo reviews only leave you on the fence, take a look at the money back guarantee like I did.

SaleHoo Review – To Buy or Not to Buy?

Even if you have to spend hours deliberating, I can almost guarantee that you’ll come back to the site and ultimately decide that it’s worth it.

After all, it’s less than $70 a year. A $67 that you can get refunded if you aren’t satisfied and literally thousands of dollars rolling in if you are satisfied. In my opinion, it’s definitely worth the money.

for offering the and services that you do. You’ve certainly managed to change my life… for the better.

And I’d also like to thank you Steve for the opportunity to share my experiences on selling via eBay and other marketplaces with the world. I hope I’ll manage to give something back and help others change their life for the better as well.

Note: And thank YOU so much Guy for sharing your in this SaleHoo review.

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