There are an assortment of automated posting tools available to market your , businesses and links.  I have noticed many people using the group auto poster scripts or applications to market their businesses on .  There are several available for a one-time or a monthly fee.  Some are scripts that you install on your hosting and others are that do not require a of the application to your hosting account (if you have a website).  Let me make it that all of these poster applications appear to be Web based (meaning that you can sign in and use with your web () browser).

Facebook Group Auto Poster

It appears that there are a several that work as advertised.  But the good FB group auto poster scripts or applications would also caution you in their documentation that Facebook has rules that must be adhered to when it concerns how fast content is getting posted to the groups.  If Facebook detects an abuse of how fast content is getting posted to the groups that you are posting to your account can get temporarily blocked.   It is usually temporary (from 2 hours up to 24 hours) but they can choose to block your account for a longer period of time (or altogether) if you continue the abuse.  Be careful how you use the the poster tools.  Most of the good applications have the ability to schedule posts between groups along with the use of SpinTax so that it does not appear to be the same content to too many groups at one time.  Be careful of the that states posting to thousands of groups at one time.  The good FB auto group poster applications will breakdown the number of messages posted to 100 groups or less at one time.  Some of the applications even give you the ability to place a pause time (several seconds or more) between the posting of messages to the groups.

Facebook Group Auto Poster

The good applications will provide for support whether it is by , a support ticketing , or phone number.  Because of the competition you should not have to pay very much for these applications.

Here is a great Facebook group auto poster application for you to review:

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