Updated: 21/07/21

has been compared to other programs called traffic exchanges but it’s really much more than that.

If ’re looking for an easy traffic solution, something where all you have to do is send an email every , then yeah… go ahead and this a . And don’t expect any , either.

But if you’re willing to put in some time and , and a little marketing know-how, you’ll definitely see the benefits of Blast4Traffic.


First, Blast4Traffic is, at its , an email marketing service.

Every day you can send an unlimited number of emails to the more than 2.3 million subscribers on their list of more than 70 million , without of being called out for spamming the airwaves.

The benefit, right off the bat, is that each of those emails is .

I shudder to think what maintaining a list of 70 million subscribers would you in monthly fees at Aweber.

And most companies will charge you $ to $300 to send out one blast to a list of 10,000 subscribers.

Now, before you start doubting the quality of this list, since it is pretty darn , let’s take a look at how that list came to be.

Blast4Traffic is also a traffic exchange program.

Half of the subscribers on that list have agreed to be there because each time they your email and follow your link they earn credits.

Those credits can then be applied to their own – thus, the free emailing and the comparison to other traffic .

The is, the other half of those 70 million subscribers are what’s known in the Internet marketing as a “safe list“.

Which means that they’ve all also opted in and agreed to receive your emails and no matter how many times you send out your promos you’ll never be accused of spamming.

Now, you still have a list of some 70 million subscribers.

I’m sure your next question is – Just how can that list be?

The is – Does it really matter? It’s 140 million eyeballs!

Let’s be honest.

The biggest complaint you’ll from marketers is that they don’t get any results from these of programs.

But they keep popping up, so somebody must be doing something right.

To make a traffic work for you, whether it’s Web- or email-based, you have to do the work and get creative with your marketing.

Half of those 70 million are only visiting your site so they can earn credits to fund their own campaigns.

Why not try doing something to their attention while they’re on your page?!

The other half of those 70 million will be visiting your site because they saw something in your email that attracted their attention.

Which means you’ll need to get with your emails.

But before you can even worry about that, you need to how to write attention grabbing email subject lines.

But even before you write your subject line or the body of your email, before you place your all over the Blast4Traffic dashboard, you’re going to need an offer that attracts attention.

The majority of these people are not going to be sucked in by some cheap, copy- product because that’s exactly what they’re trying to sell themselves.

That’s not to say you can’t use Blast4Traffic to promote those types of products.

Just understand going into it that your are going to suck.

Instead, take a look around the sites to see what types of products are being advertised.

And look to see what their landing pages look like.

Which attracted your attention? And why? Which emails did you open, and why?

To be using Blast4Traffic you’ll need a -quality landing page with a offer and a call to action.

If you have that, and you pair it with equally strong email copy you’ll be a winner with Blast4Traffic.

If not, and if you’re not willing to put forth the effort than yeah, it’ll be just like any other traffic exchange you’ve tried.

With to more than 70 million email subscribers you’d be crazy not to give it a try.

And with a one-time lifetime membership fee of only $34.50, backed up by a % money back guarantee, you can’t the .

Now you know all you really need to do is pay attention and get creative, and really, you’d need to do that with any .

The difference is, with Blast4Traffic you have 0 million eyeballs potentially landing on your sales page.

Who else can offer you results like that?

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