I was lucky enough to be one of the original beta testers of the original Google Sniper back. I took ’s brilliant concept, ran with it, and haven’t looked back.

It is now been 2 years since I quit my job, and I have dozens of Sniper campaigns up, together pumping out upwards of $400 each and every day. Utilizing Google Sniper tactics exclusively, I have been able to support my family and live a life most only dream of.

This is a window of opportunity you DON’T want to let close. George, I can’t thank you enough for changing my life.

When George first sent me Google Sniper (which at the time was just some rough notes) I was pretty much a “” to affiliate marketing.

I’d tried a lot of different methods from to and I’d drove a bit of traffc but never actually made a sale.

Anyway, George sent over some notes and I actually made  that same night. It Took about 3 hours in total.

After a couple of days I’d made my first sale! The campaign then went on to make me over $700 in it’s first month.

It goes without saying therefore, that I recommend anyone even remotely interested in making money on online to get this. George has done just an amazing job here and I can’t imagine anyone NOT making money with this.

After trying out just about , I wasted 100’s if not thousands of dollars on that just didn’t work.

Along came Google Sniper and I bit the bullet and chance and from that day on, I just never looked back.

I’ve made close to $64,000 in the last 9 months after building a small army of 30+ sniper campaigns.

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