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The Electric Company Slapped Me in the Face and There Was Nothing I Could Do about It until I Found This with the help of Earth4energy.

Did you know that the utility company can raise their prices any time they want. That leaves people like you and I at a great disadvantage and just down right makes me mad. The president has even enacted legislation which will cause the companies to have to raise their rates despite the already outrageous rates they charge now. Not only that but the electrical infrastructure of the United States is sorely lacking which puts every American at risk in case a disaster like a tornado, heavy snowstorm, or hurricane should hit.



The Government Is NOT Our Friend In This Battle!

Even worse the government doesn’t really have a backup plan in case a major power plant goes down. You remember the FEMA fiasco after Hurricane Katrina and if you’re like me here at earth4energy review you don’t want to put your families well being in the hands of an incompetent government agency.

How To FINALLY Take Back Control Of Your Families Well Being

The truth is you don’t have to be at the mercy of big power conglomerates or inept government agencies. You can make the move away from depending on someone else for your power needs. You can break away from the crowd and go off the grid. It’s time to beat the power companies at their own game.


Energy Saving Methods Are Not Enough! Here’s Why

Maybe you have tried saving energy following the methods the electric companies recommend just like we did at earth4energy review. If you’re like me you have turned the thermostat up in the summer and down in the winter to save money on your utility bill only to find out your family endured all that discomfort for a measly few dollar drop on your last bill.

How To Escape the power monopoly by generating your
own power

The answer is to create your very own little mini power plant and say goodbye to your greedy utility company. Your own mini power plant will allow you to be worry free in case of a blackout, brownout or even a terrorist attack. When everyone else is crying “oh me” you will be singing hallelujah” in your fully lit home with all your appliances running like normal all thanks to earth4energy.


Why You Don’t Have To Spend Your Child’s College Fund On Commercial Solar Companies

You might be thinking that it will cost an arm and a leg to go off the grid and you would be right if you follow traditional thinking. Calling around to solar companies will make you want to cry with their $10,000 to $20,000 estimates to build some solar panels that will barely run the refrigerator. Earth4energy knows there is a better answer.


How to build your own wind and solar power— Both Cheap And

You don’t have to live this way anymore. You can turn the tables on the utility giants and even the overpriced solar companies by building your own power system with your own two hands using inexpensive material you can get at a local hardware store. By following a clear to understand and well diagrammed set of instructions that can be found on Earth4energy will ensure that you can have your first solar panel ready to hook up in a matter of hours. An industrious weekend can have you well on the way to cutting your utility bill to zero.

Make The Power Company Pay YOU!

The government is doing nothing to help you so it’s time to stand up and take back the control we have given over to uncaring profit hungry utility conglomerates and that is why earth4energy is here to help. Reverse the roles and begin receiving a check from the power company for the electricity you are selling them. The really good news from earth4energy is it is all legal and attainable.


A Two Thumbed Carpenter With ADD Can Do This

Imagine how you will feel when you complete your first solar panel. The Earth 4 Energy system is so simple even the most two left thumbed carpenter among you will be able to make a working solar panel without sweat. Before the creators of the blueprints offered the instructions to the public they invited 43 people of varying degrees of ability to test the waters to make sure anyone could be successful on their first attempt. All 43 people had completed at least their first solar panel in less than a weekend. Earth4energy knows you can too.

The Only Way You Can Kiss Your Utility Bill Goodbye

This complete DIY is designed from the ground up so that anybody can provide a reliable source of energy for their family. Following the diagrams and videos you can be well on your way to kissing your utility bill goodbye in a short time and being the envy of your
neighbors when you have lights and they are sitting in the dark all thanks to ‘earth4energy’. Inside the earth4energy guide you will find out where you can purchase all the material you need locally and where to find it at the best price. Earth4energy review will explain how to start small and expand your power plant until you no longer have a need for that greedy utility companies services. An easy to user calculator is included to help you figure out just how many solar panels you need to power your house and to go off the grid forever.

Have Power At Night And During Blackouts

The program also explains how to store the energy you create during the day so you will have electricity all night long. Be aware that earth4energy is not saying this guide is a magic bullet that will solve all your power needs just by reading it but rest assured that thousands of people just like you have tried the program and have become total believers.


Watch A Solar Panel Being Made Step By Step

The ‘Earth 4 Energy’ blueprint is supported by detailed, “watch over the shoulder of a Professional” videos for those of you who learn best by watching everything on your video screen. You can watch every move Michael Harvey makes while putting together a solar panel and see every commonly found tool he uses during construction all because of what Earth4energy has given you.

Add Wind Turbines And A Solar Water Heater For The Off The Grid Dream

Mr Harvey doesn’t stop with teaching you how to create your mini power plant with solar panels. He explains the benefits adding wind powered turbines to compliment the solar panels and boost the output of your system. He also goes into details about building a solar water heater, which earth4energy has found out can cut up to 50% of your electricity needs.

Why Local Solar Panel Seminars Are A Big Rip Off And How You Can Avoid Paying $1000+

Now you could take a course locally that will teach you the same ideas and earth4energy review has the details. Earth4energ saw one seminar where you had to pay $1,000 and only learn how to make one solar panel. The ‘earth4energy’ guide will show you more ways to complete your dream of going off the grid and do it for a fraction of the price of that $1000 seminar. The dream to be in control of your life starts with the information included in the easy to follow blueprint by the Earth 4 Energy creators. Just visit ‘’ for more information.


The Earth4Energy Review – A Look At Solar Power

The Utility Company Sucker Punched Me And I Was Helpless To Fight Back Until….

Earth4energy and everyone else in America know that the utility companies can increase their rates whenever they want to. This can make things very difficult for ordinary consumers like you and me; it actually makes me angry. To make matters worse, the President has passed legislation that pushes the power companies to set their prices even higher than the ridiculous rates they have right now. Apart from that, earth4energy reviews prove that the US electrical infrastructure is quite inadequate which makes all Americans vulnerable in case natural disasters occur such as hurricanes, blizzards and tornadoes.

In this battle, the government becomes the enemy

The problem gets much worse as the government does not have a contingency plan in the event of a power plant failure; case in point, the post-Hurricane Katrina FEMA fiasco. Just like you, we at Hulalime review refuse to put our precious lives and that of our families in the incompetent hands of a government agency.


The well-being of your family should be under your control

The fact of the matter is you do not have to depend on an unskilled government or big power companies. feels it is about time you stopped relying on other people or companies to provide your needs when it comes to power. Get off the grid and separate yourself from the mold. You have an opportunity to show the power companies that you can survive without them.

Merely saving energy will not cut it

You may have followed the energy saving tips given to you by the electric companies just like us at earth4energy such as turning down the heat in the winter as well as turning it up in the summer. According to the power company, you will be able to lower your utility bill but it turns out that you were able to save just a few dollars after all the discomfort you and your family had to go through.


Generate your own power and leave the power monopoly

How do you achieve this almost unbelievable and seemingly impossible goal? Simple, by building your own little power plant. With your own source of electricity, you no longer have to worry about brownouts, blackouts and even terrorist attacks. According to Earth4energy, everyone will be cursing while those who have a power source like you and me will be smiling and going about our business, with lights on and the whole house energized.

Commercial solar panels are just way too expensive

It is understandable for you to assume that the solution is to spend the budget for your child’s college education on a home solar power system. You can call the solar power companies in your area and find out that the quotes can range from $10,000 to 20,000; and to think that some of those systems cannot even produce enough electricity to power your fridge. There is a better solution as we have found here on Hulalime.

There is a cheap and easy way to build your own wind and solar power system

You can put a stop to this kind of life, depending too much on the greedy people and their power monopoly and even the solar power companies whose only goal is to rip you off. You can create your own power system by yourself and you do not even have to use expensive tools and materials. All you need can be found in a hardware store near you. Then you just have to follow an easy to understand and clearly illustrated set of instructions. Hulalime believes that before you know it, you have built a solar panel ready to be installed. Setting it up will take only a few hours and all the hard work you put in will give you a power source and soon you will finally be able to disconnect yourself from the grid.

Turn the tables on the power company

Since the government is not doing anything to help, you have the opportunity to free yourself from the ball and chain that these power cartels have put on your feet. You can actually make the power company pay you for the electricity that they get from you. According to Earth4Energy, it is attainable and most of all, legal.”


It is so easy, anyone can do it

Picture yourself completing your very first solar panel. It is so easy to build the Earth 4 Energy system that people who are not handy with the hammer and nail can build a fully functional solar panel without too much effort and skill. Before releasing the blueprints to the public, the creators of the system asked 43 people with different levels of handyman skills to try building the solar panel. This was done to prove that anyone can successfully build the system on just the first try. In less than two days, all the volunteers completed their solar panels. Earth4energy review believes you can do that, too.

No more utility bills

Earth 4 energy found out that this comprehensive do-it-yourself guide was designed to help anyone build a reliable energy source for the home. Just follow the instructions, diagrams and videos and you will soon be saying goodbye to the electric bills that used to shock you. Your neighbors will be looking over at your house when there is a power outage as they are in the dark while you are watching TV.The earth4energy guide also lists the stores close to your location where you can buy all the needed materials as well as where to get the best prices. Earth4energy discovered that the guide will help you start with a small project and then guide you in building a power plant big enough to liberate you from the money-hungry utility companies. Also included is an easy-to-use calculator to help you find how many panels are needed to provide electricity for the whole house and finally free you from the grid.

Power anytime, all the time

The guide will also give you tips on daytime energy storage so that your home will have power all through the night. Take note that earth for energy review is not saying that the guide is the solution for all your power requirements just because you have it and have read it. What you need to know is that thousands have already tried the system and each one believes in it.

Step by step solar panel building video

If you are the type of person who learns by watching, earth4energy has a video of professional Michael Harvey putting the solar panel together and you will see that ordinary construction tools are used.

Add a wind turbine and solar water heater for the final touches

Mr. Harvey will not only teach you how to build your own solar-powered mini power plant; he will also tell you about the advantages when you add wind-powered turbines to complement the solar panels and increase your system’s output. He will also teach you how to build your own solar water heater, which earth4energy has proven to cut your electricity needs in half.

Avoid spending thousands of dollars and stay away from local solar panel seminars

Now you can take the course from the comforts of home. There is one seminar about solar panels which earth 4 energy heard about and they charge a thousand dollars just to learn the same ideas. Plus it only teaches you how to build one panel. This guide will teach you many other ways to achieve the dream of going off-grid, all at a fraction of that seminar costing a thousand dollars. Take the first step towards taking complete control of your life with the information found in the blueprint from the makers of earth4energy.

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